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Rules of Arbitration

The conditions outlined in the "Required Announcements" policy section are subject to arbitration only if they are not announced by the seller on the block.
  1. Vehicles must be test driven within one hour of purchase. Failure to arbitrate the vehicle within 60 minutes cancels the buyer's privilege to do so including claims of inoperable odometers.

  2. Vehicles may only be arbitrated from one item.

  3. Vehicles not arbitrated become the "As Is" property of the buyer.

  4. If a vehicle is arbitrated, both buyer and seller must await the decision of the arbitrator before leaving the premises.

  5. The arbitrator's decision is final.

  6. Buyer's sole remedy is with seller. Any accepted adjustment automatically makes the transaction an "As Is" transaction.
Post Auction Day Arbitration Items

Due to the inability to fully examine the undercarriage of the vehicles, and the inability to fully research title vehicle history, the following exceptions to the one hour time limit are available:

Frame conditions
  1. Frame damage or repaired frame on full framed vehicles except core support
  2. Unitized structural body damage except core support
  3. Excessive frame rust including floor sections
  4. Spliced units
Vehicle history
  1. Insurance, repossession or salvage history/papers
  2. Canadian history/papers
  3. Former taxi's, police cars, municipal vehicles, flood cars, lemon law vehicles
  4. Negative vehicle history including Carfax and AutoCheck findings whether or not the reports are accurate
  5. Titles with the "Damage Disclosure" box checked
In addition, for vehicles sold in excess of $2,500, any conditions discovered that were designed to intentionally deceive the buyer, or circumvent the arbitration process, can subject the vehicle to cancellation.

All Post Auction Arbitration Items must be reported to this auction no later than 11 a.m. on the Monday following the date of purchase, and the vehicle must be returned no later than 4 p.m. Tuesday.

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